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Bespoke Tanks

Bespoke Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Here at FuelSmart we are able to create a bespoke steel fuel tank for you to suit your requirements. Whether you want to store your fuel within specific dimensions, require extras such as steps or shelving or want to take advantage of our multi-compartment capabilities, we can make a steel tank that works for you.

Our previous works include tanks built to measurements to go inside barges, tanks designed to hold and dispense up to 4 different fuels simultaneously, fuel island solutions and many more. If you would like us to design something to suit your needs, please contact one of our experts.

Oil Tanks

FuelSmart are also able to manufacture steel oil tanks to meet your specifications. So, whatever your measurements, whether you want single skin or bunded, we are able to provide a steel tank with our fantastic 20-year guarantee. If you require a multi-tank setup due to location restrictions, we are able to install multiple tanks and pipe them into a single channel as required.

AdBlue Tanks

AdBlue is a growing concern for all facets of business as both commercial and agricultural businesses have to adapt to the latest engine requirements in modern day vehicles. As such, here at FuelSmart we have experience in providing a range of individual AdBlue tanks as well as integrated AdBlue tanks within a larger bunded diesel tank. With a large range of AdBlue related products available, please contact FuelSmart to discuss your exact needs and utilise our expert advice.

Multi-Compartment Tanks

As mentioned above, here at FuelSmart we are experts in the production of multi-compartment steel bunded tanks. So, whatever you require storage for, we will be able to help. Our previous work and conversations with customers have detailed storage solutions for AdBlue, IHO (Industrial Heating Oil), Red Diesel (Gas Oil) & White Diesel (Road DERV). We are more than happy to discuss any and all requirements for different storage solutions so please do get in touch today if you have any questions.

Rainwater Harvesting Bespoke Installations

If you are looking for the best place to purchase everything you will need for your new milking parlour, lambing shed or cattle housing you need look no further. Here at FuelSmart we are able to provide everything you could possibly need to ensure you can successfully harvest rainwater then put it to good use.

FuelSmart has the knowledge to advise on the correct harvesting kit for your roof size, the correct volume of tank storage for the rainwater you could harvest and the products to suit every conceivable requirement. We have the guttering, downpipes, harvesting kits, storage tanks, filtration equipment, pipework, fittings and water troughs to cover all manner of uses. We also use a nationwide installation expert who can provide a quotation for installation of any system required. If you would like to take advantage of our fantastic offering in this sector, please contact one of our experts.

Bespoke Tanks Installed by Skilled Engineers

We have the expertise to install bespoke tanks at all sites, our expert engineers recently installed a bespoke fuel tank inside a barge, so there are no limitations to what we can and can’t do!

For increased security bespoke tanks can accommodate anti syphoning valves and other features to prevent theft and waste.

Installed in a Barge

Fully Compliant Bespoke Tanks

Weldsmart manufacture bespoke fuel tanks in accordance with ISO 90001:2000.

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