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Diesel Hoses

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  1. Gravity Diesel Hose Kit

    from: £64.95

    Dispensing flow of this diesel hose works on gravity
  2. Piusi Diesel Delivery Hose

    from: £42.49

    As replacement or for a new pump installation
  3. Diesel Delivery Hose

    from: £4.49

    Suitable for diesel and fuel oils
  4. Diesel/Oil Suction Hose Type B

    from: £3.49

    Diesel, oil, urea and water suction and delivery
  5. Vacupress Suction Hose

    from: £10.95

    General diesel / oil suction and delivery
  6. Plutone Suction Hose

    from: £8.49

    Diesel / oil suction and delivery
  7. Piusi Telescopic Down Tubes

    from: £8.95

    For use with fuel transfer pumps
  8. Piusi Diesel Hose Reel

    from: £289.95

    3/4" or 1" hose
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8 Item(s)